What is Nottingham City Rifle Club

We are a friendly club of 20+ target rifle shooters from all walks of life who shoot weekly in an indoor range in Nottingham, UK.

We mostly shoot .22 smallbore target rifles with which we compete but some members shoot their own .22 sports rifles, air rifles and pistols.

How long have you been going?

Over 90 years! You can read more in our history section.

How do I join your club?

Drop us a line via the contact page and we’ll send you further details and a form to fill in, once returned to us we send it off to the Home Office (Police) for background checks and you can then shoot with us as a probationary member. Don’t worry, the Police won’t contact you, they’ll only contact us if there is a problem. The process doesn’t take long at all. We train new starters in small groups so there is sometimes a short wait as places fill up.

How long will I be a probationary member for?

Six months, at the end of that time if you’ve attended regularly and demonstrated you can shoot safely you can upgrade to full membership which is granted subject to the approval of the club committee.

Can I come down for a look round?

Visits can be arranged during the application process. However by law you can’t shoot until you have applied for and been accepted as a probationary member so if you’re interested in joining it’s best to apply first and then come down, probationary membership applications are free.

I’ve never shot before, can I come and shoot?

Not a problem, we’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Do I need my own gun?

We have club owned .22LR target rifles and equipment which you can use as a member, so you don’t need your own to start. Some of our members own and shoot their own rifles and pistols in various calibres, so if you already have a firearms licence you are welcome to bring your own rifles.

How much does it cost?

Under £6 a week, weekly range fees are £2 and ammunition starts from £4 for 50, from which you’ll shoot about 30-40 rounds in an average week.

We have an annual club subscription of £40 payable when progressing from probationary to full membership.

Do I need a firearms licence?

No, as we have a selection of club rifles you can use as a member or our club. If you want to progress to having your own target rifle you’ll need a police firearms license, which you can apply for once you pass your probation and become a full member with us.

What organisations are you affiliated with?

We are members of National Smallbore Rifle Association (club number 27/2806) the National Rifle Association (club C637) and the Nottinghamshire Rifle Association.

Do you compete?

We compete in the Nottinghamshire Rifle Association postal leagues and some of our top shots compete for Nottinghamshire Rifle Association in the county team.

Do you shoot fullbore?

While we don’t have facilities for fullbore at our ranges some of our members shoot full bore at ranges such as Bisley and Thorpe Cloud.

Do you cater for air rifles and air pistols?

Yes, some members do shoot their own air rifles and pistols, though we are primarily dedicated to .22 target rifle which takes priority. If you are keen on purely shooting air rifles checkout Nottingham Airgun Club who shoot on the other side of the city centre.

Do you offer shooting Experiences?

We don’t. We are a private members club. Unlike in the US you can’t turn up to ‘pay and shoot’ at rifle ranges, you need to be a member of a club, so if you are interested in getting into rifle shooting you need to join a shooting club.

If you are looking for a shooting experience as a gift for someone we would recommend Clay Target shooting with shotguns, which is great fun and less tightly regulated, there are a number of good clay shooting grounds near Nottingham such as Nottingham & District Gun Club which offer lessons and activity days.

Where are you located exactly?

Not far from the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. Full instructions on how to find us will be provided if you arrange a visit.

Do you have parking?

Yes, there is free parking available close by.

Do you cater for disabled shooters?

We do our best to. However, we don’t have dedicated wheelchair access and the facilities are basic, so it would depend on your disability, please contact us to discuss.

How can I contact you?

Drop us a line using the contact us page, which goes through to our club secretary.