New website!

It’s finally here! After much discussion we now have a decent website.

Have a look round, see what you think, any problems or suggestions leave a comment.

We’ll be having some photos along shortly.

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4 Responses to New website!

  1. jo cooper says:

    Hi, my 14year old daughter is interested in joining an air rifle club. Please could you give me some information as to how we go about doing this and where the nearest one is to where we live Many thanks for you time.


    • Dom says:

      You can drop us a line using the contact form if you’re interested in shooting here. Drapers Airgun centre in Nottingham will likely know all the air rifle clubs round town, you can find them in our links section.

  2. MR P TAYLOR says:

    a quick queston I collect coins,medals etc and I just bought in a job lot a medal that says on it ” 46 DIV RE
    1ST PRIZE THIS ALSO HAS A FULL SET OF SILVER MARKS ON IT and on the front is a figure holding what looks like a wreath in one hand and also a flag i think in the other, the words TERRITORIAL ARMY RIFLE ASSON are on the front as well. I was wondering if you might be able to identify this medal for me.
    many thanks
    P Taylor

    • Dom says:

      We’ve no idea to be honest. RE stands for Royal Engineers so sounds like a medal from a small competition for new TA recruits?